What Sets Canroof Apart from the Competition?

Shingle Layers Canada
Vertical Integration:

CRC’s competitive advantage stems from our vertical integration initiatives. Being vertically integrated means that CRC owns more aspects of the manufacturing process and raw material supply than many of our competitors. CRC grinds our own mineral stabilizers and mines our own granules. CRC is also unique in the fact that we oxidize and store asphalt on location at all manufacturing plants.

Being vertically integrated paves the way for CRC to manufacture a finished product that meets an unprecedented level of quality and consistency. This claim is supported by the fact that CRC is one of the only asphalt shingle manufacturers in North America with the ability to mix shingles produced in their different manufacturing plants.

Another benefit of vertical integration is the level of efficiencies gained. CRC’s ability to streamline the supply chain paves the way for CRC to cost-effectively manufacture an asphalt-rich, heavy-weight shingle product. When compared to some of the comparable, competitive products, CRC’s Biltmore™  AR shingles are among the heaviest.

Advantage-Sized Shingles:

CRC’s Biltmore™  AR shingles are referred to as “advantage sized” because their larger-than-metric, 60 shingles per square gives roofing professionals a distinct advantage over the other competitive brands. The larger 40 7/8” length and 5 7/8” exposure not only installs faster than smaller shingles, it also enables CRC to offer three 20-shingle bundles that provides a full 100 square feet of coverage. This represents a sizable difference when compared to the competitors’ comparable product that provides only 96.88 and 98.44 square feet of coverage in their three bundles.