Why CRC is an Advantage for your Business?

vertical-Integration-Product-and-PlantsQuality & Consistency of Supply:

CRC’s control over the manufacturing process and raw material supply, not only provides an unprecedented level of product quality; it also makes CRC a more reliable source of supply. “Do Not Mix” situations are virtually eliminated because CRC’s vertical integration and meticulous manufacturing specifications allows them to mix and match shingles produced in any one of our many North American manufacturing plants. This better enables CRC to rely on any of their several North American manufacturing plants to satisfy the needs of any market. While the competition continues to impose their limitations with “do not mix” stickers, CRC has perfected the process so our contractors and distributors can avoid the headaches.

Improved Profitability:

When calculating their “true shingle cost” it is important for the roofing professional to take into consideration CRC’s lower installation cost. To do this, the contractor would need to account for the fact that CRC’s Biltmore™  AR feature a larger-than-metric, 60 shingles per square. This represents an average of four-to-six less shingles per square than many of the comparable competitive brands. This difference translates to the installer needing to install the equivalent of three more squares of the competitors’ shingle (180 shingles) to cover the same 30 square roof, in the same amount of time it would take to install CRC.

The labor (time) savings is complemented by the material savings resulting from CRC’s three bundles per full square coverage advantage. Many roofing professionals are surprised to learn that three bundles of the competitors’ shingles only provide 98.44 or 96.88 square feet of coverage. When you consider a 23 square roof for example, CRC’s three bundles per full square would require 69 bundles. The competitors’ product would require 71 to 72 bundles, respectively. That translates to an increase in the contractors’ direct job costs by as much as 2-3 bundles on a 23 square project.

When roofing contractors take into consideration the labor and material savings associated with using CRC’s advantage-sized Biltmore™ AR, they can’t help but appreciate the profit-improvement potential.

A Story That Sells:

Roofing professionals enjoy selling CRC because the product is supported by a powerful story that resonates with their homeowner customers. Roofing professionals like to leverage the benefits of CRC’s vertical integration in a way that helps to position them as a professional with very high standards for quality. Rather than simply talking about using the best products, CRC contractors have a story to tell that cannot be told by any other manufacturer in the industry.