Sales Dynamics for Contractors Seminars

We’re proud to host exciting full-day seminars designed to help business owners not only survive, but thrive in today’s highly competitive roofing market.  Our “Sales Dynamics for Contractor” seminars are geared towards generating more leads, closing more sales and getting new and innovative strategies for preserving your profitability.

SALES DYNAMICS FOR CONTRACTORS is a complete sales program designed to enhance your success through better sales effectiveness, lead-generation strategy, and business development. This workshop combines both interpersonal and functional selling skills into a strategically focused experience that is designed to reflect your business’ day-to-day challenges, opportunities, and competitive reality.

You will learn practical, ready-to-use selling strategies to generate better results for you and your organization as well as valuable tips for keeping the phone ringing – even during a recession. Here’s what is covered:


Invest In The Customer

  • Learn to develop trust, credibility, and rapport with others to quickly develop prospects into committed customers who want to use you for their project.
  • Find out how to recognize and eliminate communication barriers that come between your message, its intended message, and its successful, accurate reception.
  • Adopt techniques to help you to identify customer needs from their perspectives and clarify their points of value more efficiently.


Present With A Purpose

  • Avoid a “solutions dump” that overwhelms the customer by targeting the benefits that deliver the value they seek in their project reality.
  • Understand why it is important to distinguish between Features, Advantages, and Benefits
  • and how to determine the key components of a customer solution or value proposition.
  • Learn process models for making high-impact proposal presentations that gets results and position you as the roofing contractor of choice for their residential roofing project.


Close For Results

  • Learn different closing techniques and how to apply them for best results.
  • Know how to prepare for the objections you will hear and answer them when you hear them.
  • Never leave a sales call wondering what’s next.


Check back regularly for the seminar schedule or contact your local CRC Sales Representative for further details.