CRC Advantage

CRC is Roofing Excellence:

Your customers and your business’ reputation demand a better than average result. That’s why since 1983, CRC has been a family-owned roofing manufacturer with more control over raw materials and a Quality Assurance Process to answer your needs:

  1. Quality Control: you can trust and depend upon for product consistency. From sourcing local raw materials to the final packaged product, fewer external companies are involved in manufacturing CRC roofing supplies. Instead, CRC’s vertical integration offers you product confidence from unparalleled quality assurance.
  2. Continuous Supply: get the colour you were expecting and avoid roofing material shortage situations. With access to 8 North American manufacturing plants, CRC’s companies work together to find the product you need as quickly as you need it.
  3. More opportunities for profit with easier installations, less labour, and fewer materials.

One of the first to introduce architectural shingles in a selection of shingle types and a wide range of shingle colours, With CRC you have a full line of residential roofing shingles and integrated roofing accessories  to offer your clients.

Sell and install a superior multi-layered roof to offer customers the ultimate peace of mind.

Help your customers quickly compare shingle types and colours on an uploaded photo of their home (RoofViewer).

Capitalize on promotions and feel safer with a reliable manufacturers limited warranty in case something goes wrong with the shingles..

What Sets CRC Apart from the Competition?
What Sets CRC Apart from the Competition?
Why CRC is an Advantage for your Business?
Why CRC is an Advantage for your Business?