Step-by-Step After Storm Guide


After a storm hits and you’ve looked after the important things first, such as your family’s safety, it’s time to inspect your roof.

  • From ground level, do a visual inspection. Look for shingles that may have blown off, exposing the wood of the roof deck below.
  • Check your yard, too, for blown-off shingles that you may not see when looking at the roof itself.
  • Ensure that no siding, soffit, fascia or roof structures have been torn or damaged.
  • Check that the eavestroughing has not been damaged and that downpipes remain firmly attached.
  • If it’s safe to do so, climb up to the roof level and complete your inspection.
  • Leaks and water stains inside your home are a sure indication of roof damage.
  • Take detailed notes of anything you notice that doesn’t seem right.
  • Consult your roofing limited warranty for details.
  • Call a reputable professional contractor to come and inspect for damage you may have missed and arrange for any necessary roof repairs to be made as soon as possible.