Increase your Home’s Curb Appeal

Increase your Home’s Curb Appeal

If you’ve been watching property and renovation TV Shows, you might think that a home’s value is all in the delivery of an open concept kitchen.

But actually, home buyers often make a purchasing decision as soon as they step out of their car. That’s because curb appeal, the attractiveness of your home from the first approach, is a major factor in choosing to “love or leave” a home.

You might not have realized that the buying cycle starts so soon—but in fact, now that homes have nearly doubled in size a large portion of a modern home’s curb appeal comes from the roof’s sheer size, and the increase in roof style selection.

When traditional (3-tab) shingles, were the height of popularity, and the only shingle choice, there were fewer shingle designs to differentiate your home’s look and increase your curb appeal by being unique.

Have you thought about how your roof may increase the value of your home?

Here Are The 5 Best Ways To Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal With Your Roof

  1. Choose roofing shingles that complement the colour of your windows and siding, or provide a striking contrast. Keep in mind that if you are likely to change the colour of your house paint, your roof colour will outlast the paint on your house. So research using the Colour Selector in Canroof’s online Design Centre before you choose your new colour scheme.
  2. Choose shingles that add to the style of your home, setting and street so you can make the most of your larger roof and your investment. Now that homes are larger, the roof is more prominent. While 3 tab shingles offer the traditional, comforting look of neighbourhoods you grew up in, Premium Designer and Architecture Shingles turn your roof into a striking feature. Besides matching your personal style, when a prospective buyer sees your street, the unique shingle designs, and colour schemes can contribute to the pleasantness of your neighbourhood thereby increasing the overall curb appeal of your home.
  3. Add definition to the prominent lines of your home. Roofers used to use 3 tab shingles to cap roof ridges, but you’re entitled to a more refined look. Modern, stylish ridge caps add definition to prominent roof lines outlining the architecture of your home. And, ridge caps aren’t that much more expensive since you won’t need many bundles of CRC’s ridge cap.
  4. Choose Quality Assured Roofing Shingles. Every batch of roofing shingles has been closely monitored and designed by computer colour-blend technology resulting in a more consistent, finished product. Shingle manufacturers should have a QA/QC (Quality Assurance/Quality Control) process based on something solid like vertical integration, where one company controls the manufacturing. Check that your shingles are made exactly the same way, even across all our North American manufacturing plants, so that the colour you chose is the colour that arrives.
  5. Know whether the shingle you’re buying will change the look of your home, or keep it the same. If you’re trying to achieve a certain look, level of luxury, or dimension, look for shingles that are made a little differently. Architectural and Premium shingles are designed to accentuate the setting and style of your home. You can elevate the appearance of your home, and potentially change its look, with such shingles. For instance, double layer shingles add depth to your roof so that it catches the eye; individual cut shingles can offer the look of hand-selected slate and this can be achieved from a laminate shingle that is easier to install!