CRC Roofing Excellence

CRC makes roofing, first and foremost. It’s been the sole focus of our family business for four generations. We take great pride in making time-tested, professional-grade roofing products.


CRC’s Biltmore shingles are bigger and heavier than most competitors’ comparable products. Larger shingles mean increased profitability through reduced labour and material cost.

1.- We have recently introduced our new headlamp fines laminated shingles which helps ensure that our shingles lay flatter and have better contact to the sealant strip in cooler weather when the shingles are more rigid. This makes for a better looking and more functional shingle right from day one.

2- A enhanced nail line has been introduced to help guide installers for proper nail placement. Nails applied in this area ensure optimum performance of the product.

3.- Our RapidLockTM modified bitumen sealant strip is formulated to be thicker and more aggressive to ensure immediate bond and extraordinary performance.

4.- CRC has refused to eliminate back coating from our shingles. Based on our experience, we believe that back coating adds to the overall asphalt content of the shingle which ensures long term weather ability and performance of our products.

CRC’s unique Colour Blend Technology provides a consistent blending between product lines and plants, virtually eliminating do not mix situations. Our blends are also regarded as some of the most aesthetically pleasing blends in the industry.


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