How to Become a CRC RoofPRO™ Certified Contractor

How to Become a CRC RoofPRO™ Member:

For many years we have been setting the standard for industry excellence. Now it’s time to separate yourself from the pack by meeting these same high standards. To become a certified CRC RoofPRO™ Professional Roofing Contractor, you must meet and maintain the following qualifications:


  • • You must be a professionally licensed roofing contractor

  • • You must show that you have been in business for a minimum of three (3) years

  • • You must be in good credit standing with your local distributors

  • • You must install an average of one shingle job per week through the roofing season

  • • You must provide CRC with one (1) independent customer reference and photographs of one (1) complete job each year

  • • You must have no material legal judgment against you or your roofing company in the last five (5) years

  • • You must meet local licensing and insurance requirements

  • • You must promote the sale of upgraded roof shingles on jobs, where applicable

  • • Within 90 days of beginning the program, you will need to provide a signed letter to your CRC Sales Representative, certifying that you, the Contractor, and at least one job supervisor and two installers have read the CRC RoofPRO™ Home-Study Guide, and have successfully answered the Home-Study Guide test questions with an accuracy rate of at least 90%.

Contact your local CRC Sales Representative to obtain the enrolment package